Sacred Magic

About Sacred Magic Podcast

About Sacred Magic Podcast

The main purpose of the Sacred Magic podcast is to share uplifting and motivational content where guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations with our audience. Vialet Rayne is on a quest to bring sacredness back into our everyday experiences. Everyone can have an extraordinary life when they are able to tap into the sacred magic within.

The podcast will offer a variety of content including:

  • Guest interviews with authors, content creators, spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers
  • Educational information focused on spiritual, mystic and mystery teaching topics
  • Open conversations with guests focused on specific topics of information

Vialet creates a sacred and fun space for individuals to share information about themselves, their work, their passions, and their community. She is the magical creator of a spiritual center located in Littleton, CO. The center has a retail store, event center, and practitioner rooms. Vialet teaches 13+ classes a month and has over 400+ students and clients.

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