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Vialet's Blogs

Vialet's Blogs

Vialet will provide blogs on a wide-variety of spiritual, mystic, and universal teachings along with business articles for small business spiritual owners.

Vialet is a life-long learner. She believes that we must continue to learn and grow in our lives. She continues to learn and share her wisdom and expertise within her classes. Does your teacher, coach, reader and healer continue to learn new things? Do they continue to expand their knowledge of new things? Vialet continues to learn new things and integrates her teachings into her work.

She was connected as a child and shut off her gifts. Her father passed away at age of 8.When she reconnected with him and her gifts, he encouraged her to open her gifts. She studied at Cassadaga Spiritual Camp from 2007 - 2009. Vialet took classes on psychic development, mediumship, and Reiki healing. When she moved to San Diego in 2009, she took classes and programs on the Akashic Records and paranormal investigations. Vialet returned to Denver in 2011. She studied at Practical Spirituality Mystery School starting in 2011. Vialet spent over three years studying the universal teachings of Priesthood, Ritual Master, Shamanism, and Kabbalah.

Vialet was led to open a spiritual center and to leave her corporate career. In 2017, she stepped back on to her spiritual path. She completed more studies in the Akashic Records, Seraphim healing, Angelic Reiki, Fairy Reiki, and Karuna Reiki. She is a master teacher in several different energy healing modalities.

Her divine team is Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek (Sacred Priest), Lord Kuthumi (Ascended Master of the Golden Robes), Merlin, Master Jesus, Lady Magdalene, Mother Mary, & Sanat Kumara. They are her guiding light and master teachers. She started the _Sacred Temple Mystery School _in 2017 and it continues to expand offerings for the students.

Before starting her own business, Vialet held several senior management positions in start-up, small and medium size organizations in positions focused on human resources, operations, training, and organizational development. Vialet has expertise in the area of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Performance Management which leads to organizational design, growth and talent development.

Vialet has designed, implemented and facilitated in-class and online professional development programs for managers and executives for several organizations including a Fortune 500 company.

Vialet has been successful in leadership roles within her career and working with people at all levels of businesses for over twenty years.

In her career, she held several leadership roles with professional boards in the human resources field. She is a proven business leader in her field.

Vialet holds a Masters of Business Administration and a dual Masters of Arts degree focused on Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development. She is certified and experienced in the following: Professional Human Resources (PHR) Certification with HRCI and Certified HR Professional (SHRM-CP) with the Society of Human Resources Management.

Vialet has been teaching throughout her entire career. She developed training programs for various organizations and classroom curriculum for college business programs. She was a college professor for ten years in undergraduate and graduate programs.

She has designed and delivered undergraduate and graduate courses in Business, Human Resources, Leadership and Career Management for several colleges and universities. Vialet’s experience includes building a business of HR Certification courses over twelve years ago. Her approach and teaching style dramatically increased the passing rates of her students.

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