Sacred Magic

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

Discover your Spiritual Gifts in 2023


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) was flooded with water in December. It was emotionally devasting to see the center destroyed in a manner of hours. I worked hard to build and create our community. It disappeared over night. Many members of the community did not return or stopped being active. Did they move? Did their life shift in another direction? I am still not totally sure what happened, but we started over in July 2020. It was an emotional roller coaster.


I was trying to recreate and expand our center. It seems like we started over from the ground up. The center faced many challenges in 2021 with COVID restrictions and lack of engagement in the classes and store. DYSG got more space, but it was not being fully utilized to it’s potential. We consciously took a step back from the expos and fairs to focus on the community that was building in the center. It was a year of hope and possibilities. It was mentally challenging, and we kept pushing forward through the challenge gates.


This year has been really physical. My desire to expand our offerings created more work and less time for me. I had stated that I was going to create balance for my life, but I kept adding more programs, more books to be written, more classes online, and more work all around.

I finished the year with writing more than 15+ books, editing and expanding 6+ books, offering additional classes including Crystal Alchemy, Psychic Tea Party, Broom Making Playshop, etc. We re-branded one of our podcasts, Sacred Magic, and added a TikTok channel.


As a business owner, it is important that you reflect, re-evaluate and re-engineer your processes and focus each year. There have many lessons learned this year.

I have discovered:

  • I cannot continue to teach five days a week consistently.
  • I should not expect to write 20+ books a year.
  • I need to have more help at the center.
  • I must have a future transition plan for my Sacred Temple Mystery School and center for retirement.
  • I cannot physically keep working as hard as I did in 2022.
  • 2023

I have made some decisions and have a plan for 2023. It is important for a business owner to have priorities, focus, and direction each year. I've decided to share more going forward in my articles, videos, and shows.

The center will be focused on nurturing our relationships.

  • Returning to Body, Mind, & Spirit expo in March 2021
  • Continuing to offer FREE resources to our community

We will be eliminating:

  • Develop Your Spiritual Gifts classes due to lack of interest
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts podcast on BlogTalk radio to steamline and focus more on Sacred Magic
  • Weekly Sacred Tools Education Videos on YouTube

We will be enhancing:

  • The Sacred Magic podcast will be a weekly show with a variety of structure including shows with guest spots, topic-driven conversation, and educational perspectives from Vialet.
  • Weekly articles from Vialet in the newsletter will also be converted in Vblogs for YouTube for individuals that prefer videos over articles.
  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Academy will continue to offer more and more online classes from Vialet and additional teachers.
  • Our Sacred Temple Mystery School will eventually offer hybrid programs with online education plus a scheduled weekend emersion program for each path. The school will also start working towards an apprenticeship program for teachers to be more involved in the Mystery School.
  • A few of the moon ceremonies were changed and/or enhanced to create new experiences for our regular attendees.

We will be continuing:

  • Recruiting team members that align with the mission and vision to expand our offerings to the community.
  • Offering a variety of products in the store to support our educational classes and programs.

It is important that you are always flexing and changing to the needs of the community and market. We will continue to evaluate and grow our offerings in the community. I wish everyone a successful and prosperous 2023.