Sacred Magic

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

Dragon Energy

I have connected with the dragons for years through meditation, ritual, and my spiritual work. I personally believe that dragons did exist at one time and that they were hunted and slayed by man. These divine creatures still exist within other dimensions and times. They hold the wisdom of the universe and provide protection for each of us and this planet.

Dragons are part of my Divine Team. They assist me in clearing negative and imbalanced energies in my space and center. I have given them permission to provide protection for me and my business. They will clear the energies with their breath of fire.

When the students in my Sacred Temple Mystery School step onto the path of Warriors of Light, they are given a full team of dragons to work with on their spiritual path. They have an Ascension Dragon and a dragon for each of the directions/elements. The dragons assist them in facing their shadows and working through the energies that block and prevent them from fully stepping onto their divine path.

If you are interested in working with the dragons, you can set the intention to call them forward in your life. They are a powerful force of energy, and they will assist you in making the big changes in your life. They are great to work with on deep healing, wounds, and trauma.


Have you connected with the Dragon Realm? Do you think you are a dragon? Take the time to answer these questions:

  1. Are you protective of the people that you love?
  2. Do you have the endurance to complete a project or task?
  3. Are you passionate about your beliefs?
  4. Do you find yourself routing for the underdog?
  5. Are you able to provide deep wisdom to others?
  6. Do require the people in your life to be honest and authentic?
  7. Are you awkward in some situations?
  8. Do you love fire rituals?
  9. Are you loyal in your relationships?
  10. Do you respect authority?
  11. Are you a leader?
  12. Do others seek your advice?
  13. Are you grounding for other individuals?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you may have some dragon energy in your soul.