Sacred Magic

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

Holiday Survival Kit

For other individuals, they get swept up in the activities and to do list. The holidays become overwhelming, or the expectations seem impossible to overcome. The holidays can add extra stress and work. It is so easy to caught up in the commercialism of the holidays.

The holidays are magical for me. I love giving gifts to others. I will spend days and/or weeks looking for the perfect gift. I have always enjoyed shopping for others. The magic happens when the receiver is surprised and excited about the gift that they received. It is a bonus if you can find something that they have not even thought of, but love. The truth is that I can go over the top during the holidays with decorating, planning, and giving. I believe some of it comes from the fact that my birthday is a few days after Christmas, and it has not consistently been a great experience for me. I have turned to squeezing as much joy as I can from the holidays.

Some individuals and/or families have created amazing traditions for their holidays. These types of activities really bring in the spice of the holidays. The added touch of traditions can really enhance your experience.

Some cool traditions include:

  • Creating an advent calendar for the family
  • Writing an annual family recap for the holiday cards
  • Driving around for the holiday lights with hot chocolate
  • Receiving new pj’s for the holiday
  • Participating in a cookie exchange
  • Caroling in your neighborhood
  • Watching your favorite holiday movies or reading a seasonal book
  • Lighting a candle to remember the past
  • Supporting a charity or food drive


It is important that you honor your healing process during the holidays. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe and stop to enjoy the magic. Spend your time with the activities and people that bring you the most joy. Do not be afraid to turn down invitations that do provide you with loving support. Make the holidays about you and your needs. Honor yourself more.

If you could use connection, community, or company this holiday season, check out our event calendar and join us for a holiday event (or two).